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Spheres Master

Spheres Master is a new addictive game for the lovers of none-violent puzzle entertainment.
It builds on the success of the popular Zuma puzzle phenomenon that has taken the world by storm.

New to the game is Masters of Spheres. These are frog-like creatures that are pushing colored balls along the winding groove towards the hole. Your goal is to catch Masters, which is only possible when they have no balls to push. Once all Masters have been caught, you advance to the next level. To catch a Master, you should aim a ball at a chain of other balls in front of the Master and destroy them by making a matching line of three or more balls of the same color.

The challenge is that Masters can generate balls themselves throughout the game. It happens when the Energy pot fills up to the top. The energy in the pot adds up each time the player shoots the ball.
You should play quick enough to catch Masters before they bring the balls to the hole.

Spheres Master delivers wonderful entertainment with 100 levels and 10 unique bonuses.

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